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My New Years 2011 Resolution

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Not Jesus, It’s Santa Claus!!! The New Year 2011 brings with it a new possibility – the excitement to start something new, to experience something new, to enjoy life with your loved ones or on your own, to reconnect with a long lost friend, a relative perhaps, or to simply just share a bit of that Christmas spirit leftover from the 25th after consuming large turkeys. And so, its only normal for people to create new years resolutions in such an overflowing of positive emotions and well – sugar. Let’s break the word down: ‘re’ and...

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Becoming Enlightened

Posted by on Dec 3, 2010 in Article, Video | 8 comments

I sometimes find it hard to put into words what it means to be enlightened and liberated. There comes a time on the spiritual path when one has this realisation, that there is no need to do anything to be enlightened, it is rather the undoing of everything that makes one enlightened. I can openly, easily tell you: I’m liberated, I’m enlightened. I know it. It’s just a realisation. It doesn’t really mean anything though, doesn’t really make much difference. The only difference is that being enlightened, I don’t have to struggle with life, life just works...

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A Day In The Life Of Me!

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6:00am Alarm. Go back to sleep – too tired!9:05am Get up. Brush teeth. Cold shower.10am Boot up computer whilst eating cereal. Check email and Facebook till 11am.11:15am Book a meeting for next week with a Christian guy I met at University to discuss how I could share some spiritual teachings with the group he works for.11:20am Sent someone some healing energy.11:45am Tea and pizza. Work out plans for next few days for a trip in London and a weekend healing workshop near Slindon till 12pm. 12:00pm Just Remembered I’m meant to record my day (and start doing so!)12:11pm Make to-do...

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International Peace Day: 21st of September 2010

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Today is Peace Day, one day of international peace. One day of no war. One day of no hatred. One day of no enmity. One day of no fear. May we look deep within ourselves on this day and create within ourselves a deep peace of mind, body and soul, so that our world and our Universe becomes full of peace, not just for one day, but everyday. Sat Naam.

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Sleep and Alternate States of Consciousness

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Since a blog is a sort of a personal diary too, I just thought I should note down this experience I had this morning (Friday 8th January 2010) at around 4-5:00am. I awoke fully conscious, but decided to stay in bed, lying down. I could hear the sound of silence. Sometimes silence is really loud, like for example, if you’re waiting in a car and you can hear a sort of light humming – the sound of silence. Similarly, the silence was very loud and I realised (because this has happened to me many times before) that if I were to concentrate on the silence, I can send myself into a...

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