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Osho on Philosophy [Video]

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Video: No Time For Meditation

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Quote of the Day – Mystery

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“The mystery never ends, it cannot end. That´s why it is called a mystery, it cannot be known ever. It will never become knowledge, that´s why it is called a mystery; something in it is eternally elusive. And that´s the whole joy of life. The great splendor of life is that it keeps you eternally engaged, searching, exploring. Life is exploration, life is adventure.” Osho

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Quote of the Day – Osho on Religion

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‎”Before a child even asks a question, you stuff his head with an answer. That is a basic and major crime of all the religions.” Osho

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Becoming Enlightened

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I sometimes find it hard to put into words what it means to be enlightened and liberated. There comes a time on the spiritual path when one has this realisation, that there is no need to do anything to be enlightened, it is rather the undoing of everything that makes one enlightened. I can openly, easily tell you: I’m liberated, I’m enlightened. I know it. It’s just a realisation. It doesn’t really mean anything though, doesn’t really make much difference. The only difference is that being enlightened, I don’t have to struggle with life, life just works...

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