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Thought of the Day – The Flow of Money

Posted by on Sep 1, 2012 in Happiness, Quote | 0 comments

Life is just a flow. If you hold onto money, if you become too attached to it, its like putting your arms around it, putting a barrier around it. Still money can leak away, but the problem is that no money can flow back in. Holding onto money creates a semi-permeable barrier. So attachment causes money to flow out but not flow back in. Instead, if you are wise, you will give up your attachment to the lot or little money you have and allow money to flow in and out freely. You have to be willing to sacrifice more money, no matter how little or lot you have, in order to gain more money. You can...

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The Story of How I Became Rich [Yogi Bhajan]

Posted by on Mar 21, 2012 in Article | 2 comments

from Success and the Spirit – An Aquarian path to Abundance. by Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji A student asked Yogi Bhajan the following question: “Is giving an act of God?” Yogi Bhajan replied, “No, no, no, no. Not at all. It is a perfectly selfish act. Have you heard about when I became rich? Listen to this. It is true. Verbatim, this is exactly true. I taught a class at the East-West Cultural Center. And I did a wonderful job. There were three hundred and some dollars collected at class. I do not know exactly how much. But I...

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Looking For More Money, Health, Love?

Posted by on Feb 22, 2012 in Love | 0 comments

In this world it’s easy to start to think that one is poor, lacking or does not have enough of something. We feel unsuccessful in our lives, and success seems far away. This is partly because we are thinking incorrectly about our life. Instead of thinking we lack something we should start to understand that OUR LIFE HAS EVERYTHING IN IT THAT IT NEEDS. So there is no need to desire something more. It is this desire for more or better that creates a block in us receiving more or better. The irony is, that if we give up the desire for more, we start to receive more. The more we want or...

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Your Money Is Your Vote

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in Article, Consciousness | 0 comments

My brother, Onkardeep Singh Khalsa, wrote about the idea of money being a vote in 2009. Money is a more powerful vote than the votes we give to elect governments and local councillors. Business and the private sector is arguably a more powerful force than the public sector. It is easy for us to forget as individuals the power we wield in our hands. It is possible for society to transform very quickly if we all act consciously. For example… Instead of buying non-fairtrade chocolate just because it may be a few pennies cheaper, you can choose to buy fairtrade chocolate and help the...

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Simple Rules of Business

Posted by on Dec 5, 2011 in Article, New Life Awakening | 0 comments

Business in my eyes is pretty simple. It’s all about margins. You have to sell something for more than it costs you to purchase. If you do this, your business will be profitable, and the higher you can sell for than it costs you to purchase, the richer you’ll be. However, this requires you to produce quality services and products, as only quality sells for a high price. I was thinking today of an analogy. As humans we naturally look for good quality in products and services. We ALSO look for good quality in people. If a person doesn’t have any good qualities, we naturally...

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