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Anand Sahib Brings Joy

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The Anand Sahib, written by the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Das Ji, brings a peace, stillness and joy even if a person is in a lot of emotional or physical turmoil. It seems strange and unintuitive at first that just 40 stanzas of poetry and song could totally transform a human being’s state of mind, however, this is the reason why the Anand Sahib was formulated. Its a formula for joy. Happiness and sorrow are both temporary. Happiness is born and eventually dies. Sorrow is born and eventually dies. Buy joy is our very nature of our being, our soul. Only a person who constantly lives as...

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What are you hiding? Everything.

Posted by on Aug 6, 2011 in Article | 1 comment

Today I asked myself, what am I hiding? I deeply felt like I had missed something, not dealt with something, or left something under the covers. As a spiritual seeker, I have to always stop myself, and analyse what’s really going on, instead of what I think is going on. I asked my intuition deeply, what am I hiding? The answer came back: everything. I was somewhat confused by this statement, so decided to meditate on it some more. And during my Jap Ji Sahib meditation today, it all became crystal clear. I’ve been hiding myself from my true potential for a very long time, and now...

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Want to overcome feeling depressed and numb?

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The times are such that its easier to fall into the traps of depression – depression has reached its peak in spite of all our technological and material advancement – because we have failed to advance our inner-selves. Depression is a very elusive emotion, it can hide itself very well, but ultimately feels like a weight pulling you down. Life no longer has a zeal or freedom or joy which it once had. There are still moments of joy even in depression but soon depression, numbness, emptiness takes over. Even if you have all the love, comforts and riches in the world, depression can...

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The Fun Side Of Life

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People go around all “serious” about life. I find it funny. People go around searching for something. Something called money. Just point a rifle at your life and shoot it, like a bunny. Your old life will die and your nose will become, well, runny. Sunny are the skies when life is enjoyed, Employed like a tactic of happy joy, Mix the ingredients into life’s Wok, with soy, Sauce is the spice of life to deploy. Boy is life simple, sweet like a dimple, Pimple arises only with too much oil, Boil the egg fully before eating, Seating yourself in your own throne. Bone is left...

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Music and Dance

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Music need not be understood, it just needs to be listened to in a way which is absorbed in the deep recesses of the heart. Music is not for the mind, it’s for the heart. Any music which blocks the heart or brings anxiety to it should not be called music, it should be called anti-music. Listening to classical, new age or any heart-rendering music is the way to expand oneself and get rid of all the worries and anxieties that besiege us day-to-day. Clarity is obtained. Purpose. Direction. Dance need not be constrained, it just needs to flow from the heart as an...

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