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Thought of the Day – Emotions

Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in New Life Awakening, Quote | 0 comments

Emotions drive people to do both fantastic and idiotic things. This whole world is merely the interplay between emotion and logic, between heart and mind. Where emotion rules there is disaster. Where logic rules there is disaster. Where balance rules there is an extraordinary life.

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5 Steps to Conquering Wild Emotions

Posted by on Jan 13, 2012 in Article | 0 comments

As a Cancerian, born in June, I have pretty wild emotions. I’m empathic. I feel people’s emotions. It’s a blessing, because I get to connect with people at a deeper emotional level. It can also be a curse, because if I don’t control my own emotions, I can become blind to what is really going on – as mostly I feel people’s emotions to ascertain how to react to people – I see through the lens of emotion. So here are some steps I found which help to conquer the wild tides of emotion that can upset the inner lake of stillness and joy: Step 1 –...

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What is true health? What the NHS & Department of Health should know

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Recently I have been going through some physical ailments like getting injuries to my leg, getting a throat infection, getting redness and itchiness all over my body due to a reaction to some insect bite or nettle sting. However, in spite of it all, I am in perfect health emotionally, I am extremely happy, I am enjoying the experience and I have not lost my values. Emotional health is a choice, physical health is often not. The National Health Service of the UK, and the Department of Health should understand that getting people to become more emotionally stronger will help reduce the strain...

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