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Video on Arithmetic, Population and Energy by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett

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Everyone should watch the following video on how the rising human population and our increasing use of resources is going to become one of the biggest problems in OUR lifetime. The blurb of the video is “I introduce this video to my students as “Perhaps the most boring video you’ll ever see, and definitely the most important.” But then again, after watching it most said that if you followed along with what the presenter (a professor emeritus of Physics at Univ of Colorado-Boulder) is saying, it’s quite easy to pay attention, because it is so damn...

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New Coalition Government of the UK

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Personally, I did not particularly like the Conservatives, and especially the Conservative leader David Cameron. He seemed over zealous, over competitive and someone who says one thing but believes something else. But, as soon as I heard he has now become our Prime Minister, I set aside all my judgements, just perhaps as David Cameron had to set aside some judgements about Nick Clegg. I feel strongly that we must respect our Government leaders if we expect them to give us respect back. We should think more like a soldier. As soon as someone is given legitimate power, we should accept it,...

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International Mother Earth Day 2010: Dearest Mother Earth

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Dearest Mother Earth, The Mother of mankind, Through death and birth, Her care we find. But man isn’t kind, To Her at all, Destruction we shall find, And man shall fall. Man must change his ways, Before it’s too late, Heal Her and pray, Man must change his fate. Mother Earth heals us, Provides all we need, No need to fuss, Just do this deed. Mother loves her child, Mother provides everything, Child has gone wild, Chaos the child brings. Trees are so healing, Water is so quenching, Flowers are so calming, Air is so cleansing. When will we realise, These resources are...

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Earth, Society and Our Actions – Tribute to a New Year and Decade – 2010

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So we are all very familiar with the media hype about global warming, sustainable living and greenhouse gases. Yep it’s definitely a problem. I think we’ve more or less agreed that as a world. To think that one species out of around 4-6million known species could cause an entire planet to change…that’s quite a big deal. Well…no really…its not. Nature, the eco-system, life…it all comes down to a fairly simply concept; balance. We as the most advanced species on this planet have yet to master this. Why? Because we as individuals have not mastered it...

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