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The Spiritual Warrior – 2/2

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Continued from Part 1… Beings exist in this Universe, in the astral realms (different dimensions within this Universe), as well as other realms and Universes. Anybody who is on a true spiritual path long enough will come across interdimentional beings – which can cross over into our realm from another realm. When we go to sleep, sometimes we also cross over into their realm. Therefore, we are also interdimentional beings. Some of these beings are dreadfully scary – a bit like in the picture. Some are extremely powerful, and even powerful mantras like “Sat...

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Astral Communication

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There is communication in the outer world, and there is communication in the inner world, or the astral realms. Personally, I do a lot of communication in the astral realms – I know that’s weird, but oh well. There are some mechanics to astral communication and some advantages of why it’s better than physical communication: Physical Communication vs. Astral Communication Physical communication involves you being in front the person, or having to a technology e.g. internet, phone which allows you to be in front of the person in some way. Astral communication you can talk...

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