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Connecting to Shabad Guru

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I just returned back from the European Yoga Festival in Fondjouan, France after teaching a workshop on theĀ Essence of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Connecting to Shabad Guru, which are the Sikh Scriptures. The workshop, in other words, was about how the subtle vibrations contained within the words of the Sikh Scriptures can help you transform your life in this modern era of stress and anxiety, irrespective of which religion or philosophy you come from. Below are my speaker notes from the workshop which I am sharing with you all. Due to them being out of context and brief, if you have any...

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Plea To The Guru

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Oh Lord, in this Dark Age of the Kaliyuga, all morality has declined,And with it I feel the separation from my Source.I see that people have forgotten their values, their history, their traditions,I see that people are in doubt about life and the spiritual realms, about the path of the Guru.I hope that I may be your instrument to bring the pure light back to the world,I hope that may you give me your grace so I can play my part.I now see both the hope and the despair of this human race,Some are in the brightest day and others in the darkest night of the Soul.I see people have too...

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7 Billion World Religions

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There are now 7 billion people in the world, and thus there are also 7 billion world religions, since each person on Earth has their own way of life, their own perspective, their own ideology, their own ethics, their own understanding. We may claim that we are part of a particular religion, but the truth is that we see and experience that religion in a completely unique way to every other person. It is simply the ego which wants to keep things together, and just like human beings, even a religion has an ego that needs to be satisfied by asserting its distinct identity. Yes –...

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Logic Creates Resistance

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Being logical and being intuitive are two different worlds which cannot exist simultaneously. That’s not to say we cannot use both, it’s just to say that we cannot use both at the same time. In any given moment we can either choose to use logic, which is slow and laborious, or to use intuition, which is instant and simple. Trying to use both at the same time will just create resistance and conflict in us. Logic uses the mind, which is limited by thoughts, perspectives, and emotions. Intuition uses the Universal mind, which is the collective intelligence of the whole...

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2012 A Message of Hope [Video]

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Video by Choice...

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