In My Hallucination by Rumi [Poem]

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In my hallucination I saw my beloved’s flower garden In my vertigo, in my dizziness In my drunken haze Whirling and dancing like a spinning wheel I saw myself as the source of existence I was there in the beginning And I was the spirit of love Now I am sober There is only the hangover And the memory of love And only the sorrow I yearn for happiness I ask for help I want mercy And my love says: Look at me and hear me Because I am here Just for that I am your moon and your moonlight too I am your flower garden and your water too I have come all this way, eager for you Without shoes or...

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Essence of Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Connecting to Shabad Guru

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Upcoming Workshop at the Great British Yoga Festival by Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa People are now awakening to the incredible power of the Shabad Guru, and how it can help transform our mind and our heart and connect us to the Universe – to our Higher Self. However, what people are now seeking is a deeper connection to the Guru, a deeper understanding of the Guru and a deeper insight into the essence of the Shabad Guru which can help us breakthrough our barriers and become victorious in the Age of Aquarius which is upon us. This workshop shall include profound insights, personal...

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To Become A True Professional [Poem]

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To become a true architect, you must learn the architecture of the heart,To become a true engineer, you must learn the inner engineering.To become a true programmer, you must learn to reprogram your own mind,To become a true accountant, you must know each action is a transaction.To become a true analyst, you must be able to analyse your own thoughts,To become a true consultant, you must be able to consult your higher Self.To become a true artist, you must be able to paint the future of your life,To become a true musician, you must be able to access the depths of your Soul.To become a true...

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Plea To The Guru

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Oh Lord, in this Dark Age of the Kaliyuga, all morality has declined,And with it I feel the separation from my Source.I see that people have forgotten their values, their history, their traditions,I see that people are in doubt about life and the spiritual realms, about the path of the Guru.I hope that I may be your instrument to bring the pure light back to the world,I hope that may you give me your grace so I can play my part.I now see both the hope and the despair of this human race,Some are in the brightest day and others in the darkest night of the Soul.I see people have too...

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Dr Savi Interview with Jasdeep & Onkardeep Singh Khalsa

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Interview by Dr Savi Arora. Purchase Spiritual Poetry: A Disciple’s Journey...

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I’m So In Love [Poem]

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I’m so in love, I’m so in love, with life and all its facets.Each experience everyday brings me closer to this love.Life is an incredible mystery, Divine in its origin.This fool is in love with living life as an Odyssey. Religiosity plays no part, the people are the Gods.I worship their service, gives me satisfaction like wine.Rich is that one, who gives all to the needy.And leaves for himself, but a dime to eat with. Still I do not know the way life will take me.But my heart knows exactly what it wants.You do not know what you want till you search deeply.You just follow fame,...

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