Chill [Image]

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Thinking vs Doing [Picture]

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Picture of the Day – Closed Minds

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10 Quick Ways to Increase Your Happiness

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Here are 10 quick ways to increase your happiness – by no means an exhaustive list, nor in any particular order. If you have some more better ways, feel free to share in the comments :)… (1) Retail therapyIn America, if you go into a mall they usually have a regular announcement that “Shopping is good for you. It has been shown to make you lose weight and make you happier”. That’s probably because a lot of Americans are obese – but get the flavor (notice the lack of ‘u’). Also, online shopping isn’t the same – go into a store, have...

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The Fun Side Of Life

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People go around all “serious” about life. I find it funny. People go around searching for something. Something called money. Just point a rifle at your life and shoot it, like a bunny. Your old life will die and your nose will become, well, runny. Sunny are the skies when life is enjoyed, Employed like a tactic of happy joy, Mix the ingredients into life’s Wok, with soy, Sauce is the spice of life to deploy. Boy is life simple, sweet like a dimple, Pimple arises only with too much oil, Boil the egg fully before eating, Seating yourself in your own throne. Bone is left...

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Funny Video – Misery Bear

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I found this video so funny…worth a...

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