Is Dancing Bad? [Video]

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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fIpqUKNd7s By Guruka Singh What do you think about dancing? Leave your comments below.

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The 10 Indian Commandments

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Thought of the Day – Assumptions

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I cannot find a way to highlight enough the utter critical importance of not assuming things about people, about the world or about yourself. The mind creates assumptions quickly and we think they are the truth and continue to hold on to them as the truth. The truth however will baffle you, surprise you and make you realise how idiotic and mistaken you’ve been all your life. Therefore, always enquire, always listen hard to try and capture the truth in another’s point of view, always question yourself and your “truths”, always try to let go of your thoughts and...

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Thought of the Day – All Things Are Important

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Once I asked a spiritual master whether it was better to meditate to create peace or go out into the world to create peace. He replied with a profound statement which still affects me to this day and which I’m still learning about: “all things are important”. Just let that statement sit with you for a while. Let it absorb into your being. All things are important. What does this mean? It simply means that you should look after everything, every aspect of yourself and others. Anything you make unimportant will die or fade away. Anything you make important will grow. For...

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Chill [Image]

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Thought of the Day – The Flow of Money

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Life is just a flow. If you hold onto money, if you become too attached to it, its like putting your arms around it, putting a barrier around it. Still money can leak away, but the problem is that no money can flow back in. Holding onto money creates a semi-permeable barrier. So attachment causes money to flow out but not flow back in. Instead, if you are wise, you will give up your attachment to the lot or little money you have and allow money to flow in and out freely. You have to be willing to sacrifice more money, no matter how little or lot you have, in order to gain more money. You can...

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