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Contradictions a Creative Doorway [Video]

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Richard Feynman on Quantum Electrodynamics

Listen to one of the world’s greatest physicists – Richard Feynman – explain his theory of Quantum Electrodynamics in a simple easy-to-understand manner:

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Thought of the Day – Emotions

Emotions drive people to do both fantastic and idiotic things. This whole world is merely the interplay between emotion and logic, between heart and mind. Where emotion rules there is disaster. Where logic rules there is disaster. Where balance rules there is an extraordinary life.

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Life Is Too Short [Picture]

Life Is Too Short

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Thought of the Day – Keeping the Heart Open

It’s always a constant challenge to keep the heart open. One day it may be open and then the next day you decide to shut off from people, to not reach out to people, to not respond to people because they may have hurt you in the past or in the present or your expectations of them are not being met. And so the challenge of life is to remember death, that its not worth holding onto grudges, its not worth being spiteful, its not worth holding back on living a life full of acceptance, love, joy and happiness. The challenge of life is to constantly recognise and give up your ego which stops your heart from becoming vast, beautiful, all inclusive, limitless and unconditional. This is what your heart is always crying out for. And so my dear sweet friend, companion and listener, drop the ego and let your heart remain open always. Sat Naam.

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Thought of the Day – Spiritual Personalities

Spiritual PersonalitySpirituality really brings out one’s true individuality and personality. People who are on a true spiritual path have dazzling personalities and multiple facets to them, with each facet being highly developed. Spiritual personalities flow with innocence, authenticity and radiance. They are not afraid to be themselves or express themselves. They do not vent out their emotions on anybody, they process everything internally before they act or speak. If you get to know such a personality your life will be enriched. It’s not what a person does that makes them incredible, instead it’s how a person holds their space, it’s what a person has to give and to offer you, it’s how a person can be through their being which makes them incredible.

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Life Is Not A Problem [Video]

By Osho

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Intuition, Psychicism and Ego [Video]

By Yogiraj Siddhanath Gurunath

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Is Dancing Bad? [Video]

By Guruka Singh

What do you think about dancing? Leave your comments below.

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The 10 Indian Commandments

The 10 Indian Commandments

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