Thought of the Day – Appearances

Woman SilhouetteWhen you look at a fruit, do not look at its appearance to determine whether it is a good fruit. It may be sweet or sour. Appearances can be deceiving. Instead, ask yourself what are you looking for? Ask your body what it’s craving. Ask your mind what it needs. Ask your heart what it wants. And then find a fruit that matches your energy in that moment. A fruit which you gravitate towards by virtue of something far greater and more profound than surface appearances. And when you bite into such a fruit you will know that it was made for you in that moment and you were made for it. It will become a part of you and you will become a part of it. This, my darling friends, is the art and science of choosing and eating fruits – a philosophy which extends way beyond just a fruit and becomes the basis of all love, relationships, connection, luster for life and self-consciousness. Do not let appearances deceive you – a fruit may be small, but within it is contained all the secrets of the Universe. Sat Naam.

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