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I Always Thought That I Loved Somebody [Video]

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Thought of the Day – Hair

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How do you look after your hair? Your scalp is just like the Earth, if looked after properly it remains fertile and allows the roots of the hair to stay strong and healthy, giving rise to healthy hair. Just like the plants must be watered lightly everyday so too must the scalp be watered lightly everyday. Just like the plants require sunlight so too the scalp requires sunlight. Just like the plants from time to time need help in getting rid of their dying leaves and shoots, so too must the hair be combed twice daily forwards and backwards until the scalp comes alive with energy and the dying...

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Thought of the Day – Appearances

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When you look at a fruit, do not look at its appearance to determine whether it is a good fruit. It may be sweet or sour. Appearances can be deceiving. Instead, ask yourself what are you looking for? Ask your body what it’s craving. Ask your mind what it needs. Ask your heart what it wants. And then find a fruit that matches your energy in that moment. A fruit which you gravitate towards by virtue of something far greater and more profound than surface appearances. And when you bite into such a fruit you will know that it was made for you in that moment and you were made for it. It will...

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Chocolate, Cheese, Meat, and Sugar – Physically Addictive Foods

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Neal Barnard MD discusses the science behind food additions. Willpower is not to blame: chocolate, cheese, meat, and sugar release opiate-like substances. Dr. Barnard also discusses how industry, aided by government, exploits these natural cravings, pushing us to eat more and more unhealthy foods. A plant-based diet is the solution to avoid many of these problems. Neal Barnard is the founder of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine...

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The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick by Gene Stone

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The Secrets of People Who Never Get Sick by Gene Stone ISBN-10: 0761158146, ISBN-13: 978-0761158141 Excerpts from Chapter / Secret 1 – Blue Zones Blue Zones are geographic areas with high concentrations of the world’s longest-lived people. The term was coined by journalist and explorer Dan Buettner, who, in partnership with longevity researchers, has spent the last decade traveling to the healthiest corners of the world to unearth the secrets of their inhabitants. So far, five Blue Zones have been confirmed: Barbagia, Sardinia – In the rural, mountainous region of Barbagia,...

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