The Love in my Heart

All I can tell you is that the love in my heart has expanded to a new realm – even beyond what I thought was possible. I have started to accept people I could never accept before. I have started to become less imposing, more forgiving, less demanding, more giving.

I can only attribute it to the people around me being the kind of people who are constantly developing themselves, constantly working on themselves, constantly becoming more and more authentic. I also attribute it to the kind grace of my Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, my spiritual father to whom I have given my head so that I may be used as a tool for service to others.

In some cases religion acts to limit people and makes them shrink, in my case my religion has allowed me to expand into newer and more beautiful dimensions than I could have ever thought possible – it has allowed my being to flower and unfold. Ultimately if your heart is full of compassion and you give your life in service to a higher being, all your problems are resolved and all your affairs are taken care of, you are invigorated with a new power, with a new grace, with a new face and with a new more empowering perspective to help you deal with life’s challenges. Impossible problems transform into possible challenges.

Religion gave me the recognition and realisation of who I really am authentically. My core self is expression in all its forms. This perfectly explains to me why my life has turned out how it has. I love writing poetry, articles and quotes, I love to have conversations, I LOVE to give presentations on any topic to any type of audience, I love to sing, I love to dance, I love joking around, I love to make videos and I love doing performances of any kind. Expression in all its forms. I especially feel my being shrink when I need to express something to somebody and I can’t – either because I don’t feel its appropriate to express or because I’m not in communication with that person. In either case my expression moves into the astral realms and I can express what I need to the person’s being directly.

So I¬†encourage¬†everyone to do this following exercise honestly to find out their core nature, known as Swadharam in Sanskrit, and once you know this core your life will start to work better, become more enjoyable, easier and exciting!!! …

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