Finding Your Life Purpose, Passion and Destiny

We are currently designing a set of free powerful tools for your personal and spiritual development.

One of the most important tools we have created is the “Life Visioning Matrix” which helps you find your life’s purpose, passion and destiny and also the areas you will find your greatest spiritual growth coming from. It’s a kind of SWOT analysis, but for your life.

Life Visioning Matrix - Life Purpose

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So lets explain the parts of the matrix:

  • Things I’m good at – these are your strengths e.g. building websites, organising events, managing teams, skills you’ve developed
  • Things I love – these are things you may not be good at, but you enjoy thoroughly e.g. playing a sport, drawing, painting, writing, singing
  • Things I’m bad at – these are your weaknesses e.g. communication, delegating, skills in particular areas
  • Things I avoid – these may be people, situations you avoid in life e.g. your arch enemy, doing presentations, taking a lead role

Your life’s vision is a combination of the the things you’re good at and which you enjoy! Make these your priorities in your life. Pay attention to the word ‘combination’ – the thing you should make your life’s aim should ideally be something you’re good at AND love doing!

Also, the areas in life you will find the most personal growth and development will be a combination of things which you’re bad at AND things you avoid. Take these as opportunities to develop your character, experiment with new ways of being and increase your levels of acceptance.

Finally, here is a word of warning about the danger of not finding your passion in life and aligning your life to it:

Usually we only do that which benefits ourselves. When we start doing that which benefits others, even to our own detriment, its called service. But ideally do that which benefits you and others at the same time – this is called purpose alignment – otherwise you may feel the regret of a martyr – 28/05/2012 – JHBSK

We hope you find this tool useful in plotting the course of your life, finding your destiny, your core purpose and living life to the maximum. Please leave us some comments about your experiences with this tool.

Sat Naam.

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