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Quote of the Day – Contribution

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The key question we should regularly ask ourselves is ‘how can I raise the bar of my contribution to the world?’. This keeps us growing and trying bigger and bigger things, making the impossible possible. By Guru’s Grace – JHBSK – 10/05/2012

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Victim Ideology

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At the age of 19, I had a huge realisation, which was that in certain situations I chose to act like a victim and some of my peers would pick up on this insecurity within me and try to belittle me, which made me extremely angry and only made my victimisation continue. Then I went on the Landmark Advanced Course. I had Alain Roth as the trainer on the course, a French man with a brilliant sense of humour and an incredible ability to coach and get to the heart of an issue. I was the leader of a team during the programme and on one occasion I messed up. We had finished late one evening and I had...

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How to Focus in the Age of Distraction [Image]

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By Learning Fundamentals

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Quote of the Day – Well-Being

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A government should focus on bringing people well-being. If people are well they will contribute beyond themselves selflessly. If people are unwell they will become selfish and focus on themselves. A society flourishes with the selfless and dies with the selfish. By Guru’s Grace – JHBSK – 10/05/2012

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Starting A Spiritual Path? [Video]

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