A True Spiritual Path Is Difficult

For those who are interested in living an ordinary life – a spiritual path is not for you.

A spiritual path is the most difficult climb, the steepest curve, the highest peak.

Before you walk on such a path, you must know that things will never be the same again. You cannot retain any part of your formed identity nor its various layers – only your core essence will remain i.e. who you really are and have always been throughout all time – and you will have an infinitely more beautiful ROYAL identity grafted upon you.

I often ask people a question: does a King or Queen ever live an ordinary life? Ask Prince Charles, he will tell you. No, a King or Queen has a duty to serve their country, a duty to always have royal actions, royal words, royal dress, royal food, royal activities. It is not possible for somebody who is royal to live an ordinary life.

The difficult part is giving up the ego, the formed identity, controlling the senses, having the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, touch under one’s control, giving up objects which seek to just gratify the senses, overcoming attachment, balancing sexual desire, controlling anger, watching greed, dropping hatred, conquering the mind, filtering thoughts, conquering fears, overcoming shyness, transcending anxieties, breaking depression, becoming courageous, being forgiving, kind, compassionate, intelligent, assertive, intuitive, constant, dedicated, faithful. In other words: becoming totally balanced, unshakable, GLOWING.

So, although the spiritual path is the most difficult, it’s also the most rewarding. The rewards cannot be quantified in words, as they will be beyond your wildest dreams, and more than you could have ever hoped or dreamed for. You will experience real miracles, superhuman abilities will grow within you, you will have humbling experiences that leave you speechless, your body and face will literally begin to glow with light, you will become AWARE of how to travel between the past, present and future at will, you will begin to hear other people’s thoughts and feel other people’s feelings, you will come into contact with other civilisations and beings through the intuition, the entire Universe will begin to serve each of your needs, you will find the Universe revolving inside you, nature will become your friend, the elements will change as you want them to, each of your words will become a meditation full of purity and clarity.

You will become incredibly powerful and capable of things only imagined within science fiction, but all your power will be because of your humility, because you would have given up your identity, given up your likes and dislikes, given up being right and making others wrong, given up your ego, your ambitions, your desires, your goals, your fears, given up everything you know and believe to be true, given up your breath, your mind, your body and your soul and dedicated it before God, before the Supreme Being, the Lord of the Universe. Your power will be because of your complete and constant surrender to God and the Guru, the teacher who shows you how to get to God.

I write all these things because there is too much doubt about the spiritual path nowadays. Spirituality and God have just become an empty belief, a childish belief, without any reality, substance, without any true effects and changes taking place within the human psyche, without the idea of God changing our character, improving our character and expanding our awareness about ourselves, without us gaining insight into the impact of our actions on others. True religion makes one a better human being day by day. Nowadays, religion makes one more egotistical day by day.

Therefore… a true religion, a true path is difficult to find within this modern world, but there are paths that exist, and they are very difficult to walk, but the rewards for walking them are mind-blowing and heart-rendering, making you glow and grow beyond what you can ever imagine.

I am always looking for people who want to walk a spiritual path, so if you feeling a calling towards walking such a path please get in touch and allow us to humbly serve you.

Sat Naam.

Posted by on March 7th, 2012 | 2 Comments