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Quote of the Day – Compensating

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First you overcompensate, then you undercompensate, then you find balance By Guru’s Grace – 05/09/2011

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FREE 5 Keys to Happiness Webinar by New Life Awakening – Friday 4th of November 2011, 7pm UTC

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FREE 5 Keys to Happiness Webinar by New Life Awakening Friday, November 04, 2011 – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM UTC (Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London ) Come join us and learn the 5 keys to happiness from Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa, founder of New Life Awakening (, a personal growth company. Jasdeep is a charismatic speaker, author of 4 books, a poet, a hypnotherapist and a spiritual counsellor, with an incredible insight into what makes human beings successful in life having gone through a rigorous process of self development with many highs and lows....

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Happy Diwali to Sikhs, Hindus & Jains!

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A Diwali Diya (Candle) This yearDiwali falls on 26th of October which is the New Moon. Diwali is celebrated bySikhs, Hindus and Jains worldwide for different historical reasons that coincidewith the seasonal shift from autumn to winter. For theSikhs, Diwali or Bandi Chorh Diwas, is the day the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind,was released from Gwalior Prison along with 52 Hindu Kings who he refused toleave without after being wrongly imprisoned by Emperor Jahangir, ruler of theMughal Empire. For theHindus, Diwali or Deepawali is the festival of lights marking the return ofLord Rama,...

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Self Improvement – History Behind New Life Awakening

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Self Improvement – History Behind New Life Awakening Find out the history behind how and why Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa started his self improvement and personal growth company New Life Awakening. Jasdeep relay’s his spiritual experiences as a child, and explains what a real human being is. Finally, he explains how New Life Awakening courses are unique and offer a complete picture of a human being. Sign up for a FREE 8-week course at...

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Osho on Philosophy [Video]

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