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Quote of the Day – Success

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We can only do what we can do in the circumstances in which we live. Our impact on the past and the future is unimportant, the only important thing is the now. Do not look for cause and effect between why something occured, instead see it occuring and enjoy it. For everything once occured through a mystery of nothing arising into something – that’s the mystery of the origins of the Universe. But indeed, the Universe has no origin, it has existed always and will forever continue to exist. So, ultimately, this work which I do today is meant for the betterment and growth of human...

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Humility is an Underrated State of Being

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Humility is an underrated state of being. Most people prefer to be dominating, wanting everything their own way, having lots of expectations, complaining frequently about things which are wrong, expressing anger towards colleagues, friends, family, parents, children and just wallowing in their own negativity, thinking that they are superior to other people or at least, going out to try and impress other people. Ultimately, a lot of people do not really care or think about their impact on the world or the people around them even if they have the best of intentions. A lot of people...

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Logic Creates Resistance

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Being logical and being intuitive are two different worlds which cannot exist simultaneously. That’s not to say we cannot use both, it’s just to say that we cannot use both at the same time. In any given moment we can either choose to use logic, which is slow and laborious, or to use intuition, which is instant and simple. Trying to use both at the same time will just create resistance and conflict in us. Logic uses the mind, which is limited by thoughts, perspectives, and emotions. Intuition uses the Universal mind, which is the collective intelligence of the whole...

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2012 A Message of Hope [Video]

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Video by Choice...

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What is true health? What the NHS & Department of Health should know

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Recently I have been going through some physical ailments like getting injuries to my leg, getting a throat infection, getting redness and itchiness all over my body due to a reaction to some insect bite or nettle sting. However, in spite of it all, I am in perfect health emotionally, I am extremely happy, I am enjoying the experience and I have not lost my values. Emotional health is a choice, physical health is often not. The National Health Service of the UK, and the Department of Health should understand that getting people to become more emotionally stronger will help reduce the strain...

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