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Quote of the Day: Presence

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“Presence is independent of the age of the body.” Robert Earl Burton

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Work Less, Live More!

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Most people opt to work 9 to 5 in a job, and maybe spend less than 5 weeks a year on holiday enjoying life with loved ones, exploring new things or working on fulfilling personal projects – WHAT A SHAME! We live in a so called ‘modern society’ which pretends to have all the answers but cannot even allow its own citizens to be free from a system which is akin to slavery or robotics. The truth is: slavery does not exist in the developed world, yet we still choose to be slaves and work as robots to acquire an invented idea called money. Interesting. Why do we do this, and...

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My Eyes Water With Love

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My eyes water with love,My eyes water with smiles from my heart,My eyes water at the beauty of it all,My eyes water with pure love. My eyes water with joy,My eyes water with peace,My eyes water with sweetness,My eyes water at the simplicity of it all. My eyes water with love,My eyes water,My eyes water with love for you,My eyes water with love for me. I’m in love with you,I’m in love with me,What else does one need?Love. Love. Love. Love. It’s all love. It’s all love.My eyes water in gratitude,My eyes water with love.My eyes water with pure love. By...

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What are you hiding? Everything.

Posted by on Aug 6, 2011 in Article | 1 comment

Today I asked myself, what am I hiding? I deeply felt like I had missed something, not dealt with something, or left something under the covers. As a spiritual seeker, I have to always stop myself, and analyse what’s really going on, instead of what I think is going on. I asked my intuition deeply, what am I hiding? The answer came back: everything. I was somewhat confused by this statement, so decided to meditate on it some more. And during my Jap Ji Sahib meditation today, it all became crystal clear. I’ve been hiding myself from my true potential for a very long time, and now...

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5 Sutras of the Aquarian Age [Video]

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Understand through compassion; otherwise you might misunderstand the times. Recognize that the other person is you. When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off. There is a way through every block. Vibrate the cosmos; the cosmos shall clear the path. From...

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