Astral Communication

There is communication in the outer world, and there is communication in the inner world, or the astral realms. Personally, I do a lot of communication in the astral realms – I know that’s weird, but oh well. There are some mechanics to astral communication and some advantages of why it’s better than physical communication:

Physical Communication vs. Astral Communication

  • Physical communication involves you being in front the person, or having to a technology e.g. internet, phone which allows you to be in front of the person in some way. Astral communication you can talk with any person/being any time any where in the Universe – with only YOU required, no technology.
  • Physical communication requires the person you’re talking to is alive. Astral communication allows you to talk with those who have moved on.
  • Physical communication can only happen in the present. Astral communication can happen in the past, present or even the future (although physical communication can be about the past and future).

    How to do Astral communication?

    You probably do it anyway, but you’re just not aware of it. However, if your own issues you’re going through are too much or you’re too self-absorbed in your own problems, then that’s all you’ll dream about. Once you’ve got through your own stuff, you’ll discover this form of communication begins to occur naturally as you become more service-orientated and more compassionate, and you’re oozing with so much growth, knowledge, experience and wisdom that in your waking life you do not have enough time to share it all, so you begin to share it with others in the astral realms.
    The astral realms become an additional place to deepen you’re life’s experience. You begin to teach, express, challenge, share with others your experiences directly into people’s soul and their core being. There can be no resistance in the astral realms to a receiving a teaching, once you have received the teaching it takes effect right away.
    Let’s share a few examples and movies to explain this more clearly.

    Examples of Astral communication

    Example 1. If you’re ever watched Avatar, you’ll understand the concept of, when going to sleep you enter into another world. So most people usually go to sleep and can’t remember what they dreamed. Others can remember very vividly. And fewer still, are actually somewhat conscious even when they are dreaming, conscious enough to teach, share and communicate with others whilst still in the sleeping state. So even sleep then becomes a vehicle of a lot of activity, learning and sharing.
    Example 2. If you have seen Inception, you’ll understand the idea of implanting an idea deep within the core of somebody’s mind or being. If the concept is planted deep enough whilst the person is asleep, when they wake up they’ll have forgotten the dream but the idea will sprout and could fundamentally change a person’s personality. Mastering astral communication allows a person to do this in a compassionate and responsible way to other people, and is as a way of silently evolving all those around them.
    Example 3. Say you said something to somebody which destroyed your relationship with them, and now you’ve not spoken to them physically for say one year. Astral communication would allow you to return to the event when you said what you said, and then to change the conversation of the event to truly express what you meant, or to just say sorry that you were wrong, or just to change the conversation completely so it never turned into an argument or a breakup in the first place. If you successfully do that in the astral realms, you are actually changing the past, and so the future you then wake up to will be different in reality. For example, the person who you changed the event with may contact you the following morning to ask how you are (which would prove that astral communication works actually)
    Example 4. Say somebody close to you died in your family and you never had a chance to say goodbye. You can communicate what you wanted to say to them and finally move on in your life, and overcome the loss of being incomplete.
    Example 5. Say you thought we were alone in the Universe, or the only intelligent beings, or that the only types of beings in the universe had to be made of matter. Astral communication can put you in touch with beings in the Universe that co-exist with us, that are beyond us and even below us, so you can be humbled.

    All in all, astral communication rocks!!!

    So, I felt these were some very cool examples and as I write this it feels amazing to share them. This subject of the astral realms is rooted in so many exciting ideas we find in our cinematography, exploration of space, our stories and many myths we’ve grown up with, with the difference being that we are talking about these things in reality here, rather than for the purposes of fiction. So its quite an exciting subject to explore further, but I think as an introduction, this is sufficient and hopefully gives you readers a flavour about what to expect, how to explore these worlds and what are the benefits of doing so.

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