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Key Factors of Spiritual Development (Survey)

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Through my personal development business New Life Awakening, today I am launching a world-wide survey to get feedback on what are the key factors of spiritual development, opening it up to all personal development, religious and spiritual organisations. I promise to publish the results as soon as I have them, so your contributions will be valued. This survey should only take you 15 minutes to complete (as there are 116 factors to rate), and is completely anonymous: After completing the survey, you will be given a link to download a free gift pack of the following...

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Key Factors of Spiritual Development (Part 2)

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Key Factors of Spiritual Development (© New Life Awakening 2011) So, I’ve been working recently on getting some material together for my new business venture called New Life Awakening. I thought it would be nice to share the journey I’m following to create my business. It’s in a few key defined stages. Stage 1: Gather together all the key factors of spiritual development. Read many ancient scriptures to extract their wisdom. Read personal development articles to decide what’s important in the modern context. So far, I have captured (I hope) the...

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Quote of the Day – Fear

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FEAR = False Events Appearing Real By Harmesh Kaur

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The Four Blessings

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I went to the Gurdwara this morning and there was this Kathakaar (person who explains spiritual teachings), who was speaking in Punjabi. At first I thought, “this is such an outdated way of doing things”. And I was also thinking “how would any young person understand this guy”. And also I thought “this guy is just doing it for the money and is very inauthentic”. But despite these thoughts, I still listened carefully and when he started to explain, my thoughts dissipated – because what he was explaining was profound. He began to explain that...

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Astral Communication

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There is communication in the outer world, and there is communication in the inner world, or the astral realms. Personally, I do a lot of communication in the astral realms – I know that’s weird, but oh well. There are some mechanics to astral communication and some advantages of why it’s better than physical communication: Physical Communication vs. Astral Communication Physical communication involves you being in front the person, or having to a technology e.g. internet, phone which allows you to be in front of the person in some way. Astral communication you can talk...

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