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Quote of the Day – Child, Soldier & Saint

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“Be as innocent as a child, as disciplined as soldier and as graceful as a saint” By Guru’s Grace

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Quote of the Day – Love

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“Even our physical structure seems more suited to feelings of love and compassion. We can see how a calm, affectionate, wholesome state of mind benefits our health and physical well-being. Conversely, feelings of frustration, fear, agitation, and anger can be destructive to our health. This is why we are impelled to seek happiness.” Dalai Lama

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3 Clichés To Live By

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1. Something is better than nothingI hold the view that putting something out there for people to test or play with is much better than waiting till its perfect. Perfection rarely occurs. So putting something out there really is better than nothing out there. This is why BETA (testing) products are very attractive, users love to take things apart and love to have the opportunity to experiment with something new, even if its clunky. 2. You can only do your bestIf you always do your best, then there’s never any feeling of disappointment. Even if other people...

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Become Lost in the Cosmos

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There comes a time in a person’s spiritual journey where even the simple act of taking a breath is enough to send you beyond your body, beyond space, beyond time, beyond life itself into the great void of existence, the nothingness, the spacelessness. In this nothingness, you simply exist as consciousness, without any memory of who you are, where you are or what you are – just an awareness, a consciousness is left. In a single moment everything dissolves, fades to nothing, and one becomes lost in the cosmos. Just lost completely. How can one know where one is if one is lost? Is...

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Quote of the Day – Osho on Religion

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‎”Before a child even asks a question, you stuff his head with an answer. That is a basic and major crime of all the religions.” Osho

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