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My New Years 2011 Resolution

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Not Jesus, It’s Santa Claus!!! The New Year 2011 brings with it a new possibility – the excitement to start something new, to experience something new, to enjoy life with your loved ones or on your own, to reconnect with a long lost friend, a relative perhaps, or to simply just share a bit of that Christmas spirit leftover from the 25th after consuming large turkeys. And so, its only normal for people to create new years resolutions in such an overflowing of positive emotions and well – sugar. Let’s break the word down: ‘re’ and...

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Being Like Water

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Water has many special properties. Being more like water can help enhance our lives: Water is adaptable Whatever water is put into, it becomes that thing. If its put into a bottle, it takes the shape of the bottle. If its put into a jar, it takes the shape of the jar. However, the water always remains water. In life, if we can adapt COMPLETELY to every situation and just fit into our environment, blend with our environment, we can be more effective. Adapting does not mean loosing your essence, it means momentarily changing shape, whilst your essence remains the same. Water is...

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Quote of the Day – Watering Your Life

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“The Lord will guide you continually; watering your life when you are dry and keeping you healthy, too. You will be like a well watered garden like an ever-flowing spring.” Isaiah 58:11

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5 Very Effective Meditation Techniques

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Meditation allows us to explore our inner world, which is full of chaos, thoughts and emotions. By meditating we can find a place within us which is instead full of silence, peace and joy. We can get over the past events which have scarred us, heal and move on. Here are 5 very effective meditation techniques (out of the millions out there!) I’ve picked up over time as being extremely effective in bringing me to stillness. Please feel free to share more techniques which you find effective in the comments section. (1) Staring at an objectStaring is “a prolonged gaze or fixed...

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10 Quick Ways to Increase Your Happiness

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Here are 10 quick ways to increase your happiness – by no means an exhaustive list, nor in any particular order. If you have some more better ways, feel free to share in the comments :)… (1) Retail therapyIn America, if you go into a mall they usually have a regular announcement that “Shopping is good for you. It has been shown to make you lose weight and make you happier”. That’s probably because a lot of Americans are obese – but get the flavor (notice the lack of ‘u’). Also, online shopping isn’t the same – go into a store, have...

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