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Kundalini Yoga on Fox News

Posted by on Oct 27, 2010 in Happiness, Kundalini Yoga, Video | 6 comments

Sevak Singh is interviewed on Fox News about Kundalini Yoga:

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The Fun Side Of Life

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People go around all “serious” about life. I find it funny. People go around searching for something. Something called money. Just point a rifle at your life and shoot it, like a bunny. Your old life will die and your nose will become, well, runny. Sunny are the skies when life is enjoyed, Employed like a tactic of happy joy, Mix the ingredients into life’s Wok, with soy, Sauce is the spice of life to deploy. Boy is life simple, sweet like a dimple, Pimple arises only with too much oil, Boil the egg fully before eating, Seating yourself in your own throne. Bone is left...

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Love is Like a Spring Breeze

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ABC Of Enlightenment

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ABC Of Enlightenment: “Acceptance is the bridge. Accept the pain, accept the wounds, accept yourself as you are! Don’t try to pretend to be somebody else, don’t try to show that you are not this. Don’t be egoistic, and don’t go on pre-tending and laughing while your heart is crying. Don’t smile if your eyes are full of tears. Don’t be inauthentic, because by being inauthentic you are simply protecting your wounds from being healed. Your whole being will become rotten.” Osho

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Message of Peace

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