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Quote of the Day – Intimacy

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“Intimacy is not something that just happens between two people; it is a way of being alive. At every moment, we are choosing either to reveal ourselves or to protect ourselves, to value ourselves or to diminish ourselves, to tell the truth or to hide. To dive into life or to avoid it. Intimacy is making the choice to be connected to, rather than isolated from, our deepest truth at that moment” Geneen Roth, When Food Is Love

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Quote of the Day – River

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“Ever-newer waters flow on those who step into the same rivers” Heraclitus

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Ever So Lonely…by Osho

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A fantastic video and article by Osho on the topic of loneliness and how to transcend it (published without permission from Osho Times): The darkness of loneliness cannot be fought directly. It is something essential for everyone to understand, that there are a few fundamental things which cannot be changed. This is one of the fundamentals: you cannot fight with darkness directly, with loneliness directly, with the fear of isolation directly. The reason is that all these things do not exist; they are simply absences of something, just as darkness is the absence of light. Now what do you do...

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A Day In The Life Of Me!

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6:00am Alarm. Go back to sleep – too tired!9:05am Get up. Brush teeth. Cold shower.10am Boot up computer whilst eating cereal. Check email and Facebook till 11am.11:15am Book a meeting for next week with a Christian guy I met at University to discuss how I could share some spiritual teachings with the group he works for.11:20am Sent someone some healing energy.11:45am Tea and pizza. Work out plans for next few days for a trip in London and a weekend healing workshop near Slindon till 12pm. 12:00pm Just Remembered I’m meant to record my day (and start doing so!)12:11pm Make to-do...

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International Peace Day: 21st of September 2010

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Today is Peace Day, one day of international peace. One day of no war. One day of no hatred. One day of no enmity. One day of no fear. May we look deep within ourselves on this day and create within ourselves a deep peace of mind, body and soul, so that our world and our Universe becomes full of peace, not just for one day, but everyday. Sat Naam.

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