Posts made in January, 2010

Quote of the Day – Past, Present & Future

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“Learn from the past, apply it to the present, live for the future”

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Quote of the Moment – The Eye

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“There is no I in eye, but in the eye there is an I through which we see”By Guru’s Grace – 23/01/2010

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Three Obstacles towards Higher Consciousness

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Apparently there are three main obstacles in a person’s pursuit towards higher consciousness, all described under the analogy of a vessel: An up-side down vessel – This is a person who is shut to input and cannot listen. Such a person cannot gain any new ideas or concepts from nature or people A leaking vessel – This is a person who cannot retain knowledge. A forgetful student is not a good student! An impure vessel – This is a person who has misconceptions or their own ideas about reality, which creates a dirty filter through which all liberating knowledge goes...

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The Power of Emotion

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Sometimes we may think that having emotions makes a person weak. Especially since woman are naturally more emotional than men, this fact is sometimes exploited as to why women are weaker than men. However, it is the emotion of love of a mother that gives her the power to endure a pregnancy, and to continue to serve her children and family throughout her life. Emotions, when they are directed towards a purpose, can allow a human being to produce extraordinary results. Therefore, emotions should be embraced as a seat of power and not as a sign of weakness. Note: This is the 108th post on this...

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Quote of the Day – Becoming Star-like

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“If we came from the stars, then we are by nature star children, then ultimately it is our destiny to become star-like and by each of our words, by each of our steps, and by each of our smiles eliminate the darkness in the world.”

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