Posts made in December, 2009

The matters of the heart

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The matters of the heart and feeling are of the most importance. They are both unquantifiable and profound. They affect the way in which we perceive, live and act. Not being able to quantify a subjective experience does not mean that science cannot break it down into its elements or measure its occurrence, because we know science can. What unquantifiable really means is that no unit can be assigned to that experience to make it comparable to that of another. Love can be magnificent or painful, but no one would know except the person who is experiencing it. For those who have not encountered...

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Quote of the Day – Song of the Soul

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People may get tired listening to different songs because they have a beginning and an end, but when you listen to song of your soul you will never tire, because it has no beginning and no end.

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Reality is a paradox

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Reality is a paradox, for in order to gain we must let go, and in order to create our future we must let go of our past, and in order to make progress we must be still, and in order to get to something we must get to nothing, and in order to be powerful we must be humble, and in order to accept we must listen, and in order to see infinity without we must see infinity within. By Guru’s Grace – 23rd of April 2009

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Quote of the Day – Pride

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“You should be proud of your way of life, but don’t let that pride get in the way of seeing God in every way of life”

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From Life to Bliss

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To have a life one must live, To live, one must experience, To experience, one must experiment, To experiment, one must be fearless, To be fearless, one must be Divine, To be Divine, one must realise the soul, To realise the soul, one must surrender, To surrender, one must become nothing, To become nothing, one must let go, To let go, one must be at peace, To be at peace, one must be blissful, To be blissful is to have a life. By Guru’s Grace –...

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