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How do you view the world?

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We live in world which is full of views. Don’t do this, don’t do that. You must do this, you must do that. You shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that. We also live as if our views are us. In reality, your view is your view, and you are you. They are two different things. Your view that you hold about a particular topic is just your view, it is not who you really are. You really are just you. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing added, nothing taken away. Therefore, a view is just like a filter or a pattern which consolidates reality in such a way so it may be...

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Infinite, Forever

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Never ending, beginning forever,Present future, past,Experience, life’s endeavour,World finite, contrast. Endless, countless,Within, unfounded,Wealthy fame, fruitlessUnlimited, unbounded. Boundless, vast,Tenth gate, accessible,Attachments, surpassed,Immeasurable, inestimable. Everlasting, continual,Sow seed, water the crop,Loving love, perpetual,Continuous, nonstop. Constant, incessant,Daily practice, unwilling,Meditatively sit, chant,Interminable, unremitting. Permanent, Eternal,Reality, life parade,Cleanly focus, internal,Innumerable, myriad. Limitless, incalculable,Materially happy,...

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The Kara – A Succinct Summary

Posted by on Apr 14, 2009 in Article, Sikh Dharma | 2 comments

I was recently asked by a non-sikh student studying Sikh Dharma at university what the Kara was. A lot has been written about this but I think this is a great summary: The Kara is my handcuff to God. (My commitment to a God-Centered life) The Kara is my pledge to be aware of my actions and be in a state of higher conscience in all actions (Hence, it worn on the hand most used or even both arms). Higher Conciousness leads to better actions. Actions are our behavior. Behavior is our society. Society is our world. The Kara is my pledge to stand for justice and be courageous. (It has and...

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