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My Journey on the road towards Sikh Dharma

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I was born a Sikh, and brought up with uncut hair and Punjabi was my first language, even before English. My parents were traditional Sikhs and as a family we used to go to Gurdwara every Sunday, even though we were never told why. My parents used to read a lot of Gurbani and as children, me and my brother would often imitate them and read the Mool Mantar, the root chant, which is the beginning of the Sikh Scriptures, the Shri Guru Granth Sahib. We had a very happy childhood, our parents never forced anything on us and me and my brother Onkardeep would just play so many various interesting...

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My Experience of Summer Solstice Sadhana 2008 in New Mexico

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Ram Das Puri, Española, New Mexico Friday 13th June 2008 to Monday 20th June 2008 By Jasdeep Hari Bhajan Singh Khalsa The story of Summer Solstice is too beautiful and miraculous to ever truly capture in words. It is something which must be experienced in order to understand and appreciate the extent of its beauty. Ram Das Puri, which is the land used for Summer Solstice, is a centre of healing, clarity and truth situated about half an hour from the town of Española in New Mexico. It is a heavenly realm which God has put on Earth. Heaven is not...

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Scepticism and Infinity of the Human Being

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Anything that promotes the infinity of human being shall always be naturally returned with a degree of scepticism, not only because human being has a tendency to be negative due to the negative mind being imbalanced, but also that human beings are a slave to their mind and ego to which the concept of infinity is a threat. Therefore, it is not the soul of a person which has a problem which an expansion of consciousness, it is the mind which wants to remain the master. People are being played by the game of their mind and yet remain oblivious to this process. The process is a paradox. It is a...

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Degrees of being present

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Being present and the degrees to being present are two different things. There are three basic degrees of being present. The first degree is the realisation that you are who you are, and I am who I am. There are no judgements associated with this, as a person you see others as they are and as they are not, and yourself as you are and as you are not. The next degree, is the realisation that you are who I am, and I am who you are. The sense of separation is removed from the experience of being present. And finally is the realisation that neither you are, nor I am, but it is. The question then...

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