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7 Steps to Happiness

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According to SSS Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji, there are 7 steps to happiness, “The known formula for happiness is: Commitment will give you character. That will give you dignity. That will give you divinity. That will give you grace. That will give you the power to sacrifice. Then you’ll feel achieved, and you’ll be happy”. Commitment – Commitment to your word means doing what you say and saying what you’ll do in all of your personal and business activities. Your word should be final, definitive and exact. There are no maybes or excuses in a commitment, it is...

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Short-term Happiness or Long-term Bliss?

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We as human beings are programmed from birth to always go for the short-term happiness. Short-term happiness is anything which we do or look for which is outside of ourselves. This can include drinking alcohol, taking drugs, making friendships and relationships with people, listening to music, going shopping, earning money or having sex. Actually, everything that we can see, hear, smell, touch and taste can be included in this list. So, then two questions arise: 1. Does this mean that all these things are wrong to do? 2. How can we go beyond short-term happiness and attain long-term bliss? So...

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Inner Meaning

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The search for inner meaning is an inverse process. In order to get to a place of inner meaning, first we must strip all meaning from our lives. The search for Truth is an inverse process. In order to get to something, we must first get to nothing. It is in the stillness of nothing that everything becomes clear. The reason for this is that reality is not known to us, largely it is unknown. We have assumed a particular reality from our parents, and they from their parents, and so the cycle continues. Many of our learned behaviours, ways of thinking and being, do not serve us and our destiny....

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